John N. Andrews (1829-1883)

John N. Andrews (1829-1883)

First SDA Missionary J. N. Andrews was the first SDA missionary sent to countries outside...

Joseph Bates (1792- 1872)

Joseph Bates (1792- 1872)

Joseph Bates was the oldest of the three founders of the Seventh- day Adventist...

Rachel Oakes Preston (1809- 1868)

Rachel Oakes Preston (1809- 1868)

Rachel (Harris) Oakes Preston was a Seventh- day Baptist who persuaded a group of...

Uriah Smith (1832- 1903)

Uriah Smith (1832- 1903)

Uriah Smith was born to Rebekah Spalding and Samuel Smith in1832. He showed a...

William Miller (1782-1849)

William Miller (1782-1849)

American farmer and Baptist preacher who announced the imminent coming of Christ and founded...

John Norton Loughborough (1832-1924)

John Norton Loughborough (1832-1924…

Pioneer evangelist and administrator. He first heard the present truth preached by J. N. Andrews...

Stephen Nelson Haskell (1833-1922)

Stephen Nelson Haskell (1833-1922)

Evangelist, administrator. He began preaching for the non-Sabbatarian Adventists in New England in 1853, and...

Hiram Edson (1802-1882)

Hiram Edson (1802-1882)

Hiram Edson was the instrument whom God used to reveal to the early Sabbath-keeping Adventists...

John Byington (Oct. 8, 1798 - Jan. 7, 1887)

John Byington (Oct. 8, 1798 - Jan. …

John Byington was a Methodist circuit rider before he became a Seventh-day Adventist preacher. He...

Thomas M. Preble (1810–1907)

Thomas M. Preble (1810–1907)

Author, scholar, Free Will Baptist minister of New Hampshire, and Millerite preacher. He was born...

Owen Russell Loomis Crosier (1820-1913)

Owen Russell Loomis Crosier (1820-1…

Millerite preacher and editor, of Canandaigua, New York, first writer on what was to become...

Joseph Harvey Waggoner (1820–1889)

Joseph Harvey Waggoner (1820–1889)

Evangelist, editor, author. He attended school for only six months, but was indefatigable in private...

George Storrs (1796–1879)

George Storrs (1796–1879)

Millerite preacher and writer, chief proponent of conditional immortality. Born in New Hampshire, he was...

Alonzo T. Jones (1850–1923)

Alonzo T. Jones (1850–1923)

Minister, editor, author. He was born in Ohio. At the age of 20...

Charles Fitch (1805–1844)

Charles Fitch (1805–1844)

Congregational minister, later Presbyterian minister, Millerite leader, the designer of the “1843 chart.”...

Ellen Gould White (1827–1915)

Ellen Gould White (1827–1915)

Cofounder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, writer, lecturer, and counselor to...

Ellet J. Waggoner (1855-1916)

Ellet J. Waggoner (1855-1916)

In 1884 E. J. Waggoner became assistant editor of the Signs of the Times, under...

William Warren Prescott (1855-1944)

William Warren Prescott (1855-1944)

W. W. Prescott was an educator and administrator. His parents were Millerites in...

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Creation Model vs. Evolution Model

Creation Model vs. Evolution Model

There are 4 great questions in life we should ask ourselves:

  1. Who am I? – Are we unique beings?  Created and designed in the image of God?
  2. Where did I come from? – Life origin, how life began?
  3. What is my purpose here? – Man is not satisfied without a purpose.
  4. Where am I going? – Basically only two alternatives.
            Incidentally, the Bible has the answers to all of these questions, but science cannot answer them adequately, though science and philosophy can explore certain areas and come to certain conclusions.

            The greatest scientific experiment in the history of the world is the creation of the world’s first "hyperbaric biosphere," simulating the conditions before the Flood, or the conditions that produced the fossil record, located in Glenrose, Texas. 1
            One of NASA''s former experts, the systems engineer, said that the hyperbaric biosphere is more important than all of the work NASA has ever done, put together.  Why is the hyperbaric biosphere so important?  This will be discussed.

            Steven Jay Gould, the leading exponent of evolution theory, stated in print, and others have verified this over long years of academic research, that there are only two concepts in this world:

  1. Natural evolutionary development (uniformitarianism – naturalistic interpretation or Darwinism)
  2. Special scientific creationism (God the creator)
            It is a fact that the human mind thinks NATURALISTICALLY, thus we attempt to shun interpretations of divine creation, as mentioned in 1 Corinthians 2:11-14.  Charles Darwin did that.  Darwin did not come up with original data, but data borrowed from his own grandfather Erasmus Darwin, ancient Greeks, Lyellian Concepts, naturalistic thinking, and other help.  But why was Darwin so important?

Evolution Model

            Let’s introduce the evolution model.  Evolution eras in the Darwinian evolutionary concept are:

  1. Paleozoic began 600 million years ago – beginning of life (trilobites expressing themselves)
  2. Mesozoic began 228 million years ago – beginning of dinosaurs
  3. Cenozoic began 64 million years ago – extinction of dinosaurs by cataclysm, beginning of mankind
            The current accepted evolution theory: punctuated equilibria – rapid sprouts between species rather than Darwin’s theory of slow progressive increments between species (macroevolution)

            Actually, the greatest scientific statement written in the history of the world is: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Genesis 1:1.

Darwin''s History

            If Darwin did not come up with original data, why do all modern academic evolutionists still refer to him?  Darwin was brilliant because he came up with an original thought.  Something that was common to every man’s mind: phobias.  A phobic mind is a mind bent on chaos and disarray.

  • Charles Darwin lived a phobic life that in today’s economy could not have supported itself.  In fact, he was supported by the resources from his father and grandfather.
  • he was non-productive and could not produce a living.  He was non-capable of getting by and make a living for his family.  He was subject to his phobias and fears.
  • he felt that his father smothered his mother to death, just for the fact that his father was over 6 feet tall, and his mother was a short lady.
  • he liked fishing and admired worms, but was very afraid to bait a hook, even as a grown man, knowing he would harm the worm with which he identified.  But he took great pleasure and no mercy in shooting all the birds he could find because he identified birds as representing divine order, complexity, and design.
    he tapped in on a thought common to all of us naturalistically: that everything is a result of natural processes, and we do not have to give an account to a personal creator whom we resent.
  • Charles Darwin resented a personal creator, as imposing himself on his life, because he resented how God behaved.  He resented how God would make worms, which are low order, writhe in the dust, in contrast to birds, which are high order, that can fly in the air.  He resented how God would let innocent children suffer, but God''s will is not to have innocent children suffer (but we have a great enemy that makes life so miserable for us); how God sends plagues on the earth just to be a tyrannical God in the skies, but God doesn’t work that way.  He is just in what He does.
  • This is where the brilliance of Darwin comes in: he was the first man in all history to express the fact that he felt the entire universe had finally evolved to the point where it was a self-realizing universe that produced the brain of Charles Darwin that could conceive of the fact that the universe evolved to the point of self-realization, and the human brain expresses that.  In other words, Charles Darwin was the first man whose brain realized that he was the ultimate expression of a writhing, contorting, chaotic universe, realizing itself in expression.
            His chaos, his phobias, were identified with what he saw throughout nature. 2

            Do you know that you have that thought process?  The evolutionary concept is a thought process that is common to the human experience: birth, life and death.

Some Theories of Evolution

            We today are encouched with the concept of humanistic evolution.  Evolutionists believe that all things have occurred by natural circumstances.  The gods of evolution are time, chance and natural circumstances.  However, it is very interesting to note that the evolutionist is plagued by paranoia, like Charles Darwin was.
            Dr. Carl Baugh, a creationist, was at one time in his past life an evolutionist.  And being an evolutionist, he now has a fairly well understanding the mind-set of the evolutionist.  He gives his testimony below:

            "The evolutionist is plagued with an immediate observation that the universe is somewhat in chaos.  He interprets this as the second law of thermodynamics, which states that everything is increasing in random order, from complex to less complex.  Actually, this second law of thermodynamics demands that there had to have been a time in the past when everything was in perfect synchronization; that is, orchestrial creation.  But an evolutionist who is a philosophic or thinking evolutionist responds to the idea of deterioration of the universe, or a universe in disharmony.  The evolutionist first finds this disharmony within himself; then he studies the biological world about him; he studies the stellar heavens; he assimilates all of the data; and he discovers that there is a marked discord.  Thus, he literally responds and finds himself in harmony with an inharmonious universe.  He is in harmony with a life in conflict." a

            By restating the above paragraph in shorter terms, the evolutionary concept is naturalism, that would take lifeforms and develop them progressively over long periods of time, until finally, that lifeform could realize the process by which it all occurred as a universal law, a universal concept of chaos and disorder, and the chaos and disorder within the mind and phobic disposition of man would then be simply a natural concept of death, chaos and destruction throughout all these life processes.

            For anything to be scientific it must be based on facts.  Is evolution based on facts?  Partially, but let’s take a closer look at some of these facts.

            Darwin himself said, “I shudder at seeing the human eye, it’s so complicated.”  Darwin also wrote in his book in 1859, The Origin of Species, that if lifeforms, which are so complicated, cannot be explained by natural processes from preceding life, then his whole theory would fall to ruins. 3

            In August 2000, Steve Jones, a genetics professor at University College London and a popular science presenter for BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), published a book called Darwin''s Ghost: The Origin of Species Updated.  In it, Jones attempts to update Darwin''s The Origin of Species and re-write it for 21st century readers.
            "Darwin''s evidence is that of a century and half ago and leaves many gaps before his case can be considered proven," Jones says.  "All - or nearly all - have now been filled.  My own book brings Darwin up-to-date.  It is, as far as possible, an attempt to rewrite The Origin of Species."
            Jone''s update of Darwin keeps the structure of the original work, but fills it with the latest discoveries and facts.  He deals with everything from AIDS virus to whales in order to remake Darwin''s compelling case that "the idea of a universe preserved since the Creation [is] dead."  Unfortunately, it is quite easy to re-work from a person''s already biased ideas and add to them, as the case with Darwin.  Darwin did not know of the tremendous amount of scientific evidence that strongly favors creationism as we know now with such technological advancement.  As you will see, the weight of evidence pertaining to evolution no where holds up compared to the weight of evidence pertaining to creationism.
            Jones also said, "Evolution is to the social sciences as statues are to birds: a convenient platform upon which to deposit badly digested ideas." Again, Jones'' claim is a result of intellectual ignorance.  The so-called badly digested ideas are not badly digested at all.  In the past, creationists have challenged evolutionists on the basis to disprove the creation model.  Till this day, the evolutionists have been unable to refute their proposals, as this will be discussed later. b

            "For since the creation of the world God''s invisible qualities - his eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse." Romans 1:20 (NIV).
            "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God." Psalm 53:1.

            There are numerous theories about evolution.  There is not a single theory that satisfies all scholars.  The theories of evolution are various, some of them include ‘Theistic evolution’ (Natural processes that were put into motion by God, thus taking God billions of years to create the universe).  But that is poor science and poor theology; to blame God for doing it that way is a real problem. 4
            Others include the popular ‘Given enough time’ evolution.  (Evolutionists hope that by invoking immense amounts of time, highly improbable events can somehow be made probable.  But with this type of argument it is possible to "explain" ANYTHING).  We''ve all heard it said, for example, that "given enough monkeys and enough typewriters, EVENTUALLY one of them is bound to type the sonnets of Shakespeare error free."  But this outrageous myth violates the statistical foundation on which all modern science rests. 5

            If evolution is true, then the evidence which supports evolutionary concepts must hold true, but we see this is not the case

            There are many evolutionary concepts that do not stand the light of day, for example:

Population Statistics

            The science of population statistics says that the world population is increasing by about 2% a year.  In this case, let’s be conservative and use 1% a year growth rate instead.  Also, about every 82 years historically, half the population in the world is wiped out due to circumstances of plagues, wars, diseases, pestilence, etc.

            Let’s take this into account.  If the creation model is correct, then it must match up in all scientific disciplines, and it does.

            The creation model says: after the Flood, which occurred about 4300 years ago, there were 4 families: Noah, Ham, Shem, and Japheth.  Genesis 6:9,10
            Also, this is enough time for all the “races” on earth to develop from Noah and his sons. 6

            Taking the conservative population growth rate, the population, growing from those 4 families, would now be about 4.5 billion people (in 1991).  In reality, population is just under 5 billion people (1991 census).
            Therefore, the population growth rate formula is consistent with data and population growth, especially if the growth rate is a little more than 1%.
            Now we have a population problem.

            The evolution model states that the first human family ever to appear on earth was a little over 2 million years ago.
            Lets do better.  Lets say that the first human family appeared 41,000 years ago, which is just a drop in the bucket for evolution time.  Taking the accurate conservative model, the population today would be about 2 * 10^89 people!!!
            Also, evolution says that the universe was created about 16 billion years ago (Some say 20 billion, and recently, in May 1999, researchers have found more “accurately” the universe to be 12 billion years old).  The universe now, which is not expanding 7, hypothetically, with the best-calculated hypothesis, can only hold a volume of about 10^81 electrons, and it certainly cannot hold 2 * 10^89 people.  Interesting!!!

Distant Dinosaurs?

            Evolutionists admitted that if we can verify that dinosaurs and humans lived contemporaneously, then any plausible mechanism for evolutionary development is destroyed.  According to the more accurate, latest data, we see that both existed just a few thousand years ago.  For example, human footprints, though twice the size of normal footprints along side dinosaur footprints, were discovered in Texas. 8

            The evolution scale does not answer some questions, for example:

            In the concept of evolving man, if the australopithecines were spawning lifeforms 11 million years ago that ultimately became man, then the monkeys should have been used up, especially if we’re following the concept of increased complexity with all species.  But why are the monkeys still here today?  Why didn’t they evolve? 9
            The same with the crocodiles and alligators, which were far before monkeys in the evolution scale.  They are still here today.  Why didn’t they evolve?  If evolution is true, then why are lifeforms from, supposedly, as far back as 450 million years ago have not changed one bit throughout the fossil record?

            Another problem is that the dinosaurs could not have existed with evolutionary standards.  The dinosaurs ranged from the flying Pterosaurs, to the T-Rex, and to ones as huge as the Seismosaurus.  In fact, the Seismosaurus, who resembles Apatosaurus, could raise its head almost 70 feet high, was 140 feet long (from snout to tail), and weighed almost 200,000 pounds.  Seismosaurus had a major problem.  Evolutionary concepts cannot explain how the dinosaurs could live and proliferate for the following reason: he had a small lung capacity.

            The Seismosaurus is mentioned in the Bible as a Behemoth.  Job 40:15-24.

            He was a huge creature, just like the description in Job.  His tail moved as a cedar and, being a vegetarian, he had a massive body, stomach and long neck.  They are not the hippopotamus or the elephant, as some have suggested; for their tails are like ropes, not cedar trees.
            “He ranked first among the works of God,” being the largest land animal that has ever lived (perhaps even larger than a blue whale is now.)

            The world before the Flood needed all the dinosaurs.  In fact, the dinosaurs are an important part of the creation model. 10
            The world before the Flood is the only plausible explanation for the existence of the flying dinosaurs, the Pterosaur.  The Pterosaur could not fly in today’s atmospheric conditions.  This has to do with the buoyancy formula, which accounts for the density in the atmosphere, and unless the density is appropriate, certain planes cannot fly.
            That’s why it is a lot easier for a Boeing 747 jet to takeoff from Houston, where it is at sea level, then compared to a 747 taking off from Denver, where there is barely enough atmospheric pressure or density to support the weight factor in the formula for lift.  You needed a high atmospheric pressure or density for lift.
            This same concept is true for the Pterosaurs.

            In a 1982 Reader''s Digest publication, "The Mysteries of the Unexplained," it was related that a century ago, a very phenomenal thing occurred.  If this record is correct, and having so many other anomalies, we certainly do not doubt this account (also, it was related in a verifiable publication), this means it is absolutely impossible for evolution to be the explanation of how life forms got here.
            The article refers to the last of the great pterodactyls, the flying dinosaurs of the Mesozoic era.  They existed supposedly around one hundred million years ago in the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era.  The record states that in France, some workmen, in the winter of 1856, while working on a partially completed railway tunnel between St. Dizey and the Nancy lines, came across something unusual.  In the tunnel, they had broken and removed a huge boulder of Jurassic limestone, which precedes the Cretaceous by several million years.  After they had broken the limestone, stumbling out of the tunnel toward them was a creature which fluttered its wings, croaked and collapsed dead at their feet.  This creature had a wingspan of ten feet, seven inches with four legs joined by a membrane like a bat.  What should have been feet were long talons.  The mouth was arrayed with sharp teeth.  The skin was black, leathery, oily and thick.  Local students of paleontology immediately identified this creature as being a pterodactyl.  This was all reported in The Illustrated London News, February 9, 1856, page 156.  They examined the limestone from which the creature had been released and found there a cavity in the exact mold of the creature''s body.  If this is true, it is absolutely impossible for that creature to have lived more than a few thousand years in any form in hibernation.  It would have been impossible for it to have lived more than a few thousand years under those circumstances.  The worldwide, biblical Noahic Flood explains this phenomenon far better than the evolutionary process. c

            In September 2000, National Geographic magazine has corrected an article that hailed a bird-like fossil with a tail as a missing link between birds and dinosaurs.  One of the experts who contributed to the original story was one of Canada''s best-known paleontologists, Philip Currie of the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta.
       Archaeoraptor liaoningenis turned out to be a glued together combination of two or more fossils, the magazine says in a five-page, no-picture article in the October issue.  Currie has called the error "the greatest mistake of my life."
            The article says Currie "dropped the ball," for not informing the magazine directly when he had doubts and for expecting others involved in the original article to do it for him.  At the time, he was primarily involved in other projects and travelling back and forth between Canada, Mongolia, Europe and Argentina.
            University of Alberta paleontologist Brian Chatterton said Currie''s mistake in not immediately identifying the fakery isn''t that hard to understand.  "Some people are really good fakers," Chatterton said.  "They''ll fake rock by mixing glue and ground rock and they have all sorts of tricks."
            The "discovery" was brought to the world''s attention by a farmer in northeastern China.
            It is also common for fossils to be repaired, Chatterton said.  "They are often broken up and glued back together just simply because they were broken in the ground or as they were extracted," he said. "Seeing glue and cracks in a specimen wouldn''t necessarily tell you that it was a fake.  A person can be forgiven for seeing a specimen that was repaired and assuming that it was still complete.
            It appears the missing link between birds and dinosaurs is still missing. i

            In December 2000, staff at a British museum have discovered a prized dinosaur skeleton on display for 116 years is an elaborate fake.
            Staff at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff renamed their ichthyosaurus exhibit "iffyosaurus" after finding that it had been created from a motley collection of bones, plaster and paint, newspapers reported.
            It only came to light when the plaster holding the "skeleton" of the marine creature together began to disintegrate.
            "It was an amalgam of two different types of ichthyosaurus plus a clever attempt to fake parts," curator Dr. Caroline Buttler told the Daily Mirror.
            But the museum has managed to salvage something from the situation - the "iffyosaurus" will be cleaned up and exhibited as a prime example of Victorian fakery. k

Creation Model

            Let’s introduce the creation model.

            In the conditions before the Flood, more accurately before the Fall, the world was a paradise.  The atmosphere was perfect, vegetation was perfect, animals were perfect, chemistry behaved as it should, in fact, everything in nature was perfect and non-violent, except for one fierce creature: man.

            The earth was one land (called Pangaea) surrounded by water, with seas, or big lakes fingering into the land.  Surface waters (oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers) were above the crust, known in the Bible as a firmament, and subterranean water was below.  Genesis 1:6-8
            The ozone filtered short wave radiation emitted from the sun and stellar bodies.  Long waves emitting spectral radiation got through and this was wonderful.  Also, due to the worldwide evidence of the fossil records, there was a greater atmospheric pressure that resulted in 2.18 atmospheric pressure (atm), 25% oxygen (O2), and 0.25% carbon dioxide (CO2).  This would absolutely make a world of difference.  You will later see why.
            This ozone layer protected us from harmful radiation such as ultraviolet rays.  Today, we only have 21% oxygen and about 1 atm in our atmosphere.

            Though it is extremely difficult to explain exactly how the world looked like at the beginning of Creation, since no one was ever alive to write about what they saw in the antediluvian world, much like evolution, there is no denying of the fossil records that have been retrieved throughout the years of investigation, which then has to imply certain scientific conditions that definitely existed from Creation to the Flood.

            As will be explained very shortly, the above description of the pre-Flood atmosphere is the only plausible explanation for the sizes that have been found in the fossil record.  However, what caused the conditions in the original atmosphere is still today in deep study.  Presently, one explanation of the needed atmospheric conditions comes from the idea that originally there was a metallic firmament above the earth''s atmosphere, deriving it from one interpretation of Genesis 1:6-8 and Job 37:18 - "Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?"  Though this may sound pleasing, there are scientific consequences that other creationists have argued with. 11
            There is a complete study resulting from the supposition of a metallic firmament above the earth, but we will not pursue that avenue for the time being.

            Though this debate of a metallic firmament above the atmosphere is the only major controversy among all creationists, what is most important is what we see today in our world and universe that mandates the idea of creation, rather than evolution.

Extreme Fossil Sizes

            Human fossil footprint excavations in Glenrose, Texas, also found along with dinosaur footprints, resulted in:

  • 4 prints – 5 inches long
  • 9 prints – 9 ? inches
  • 7 prints – 11 ? inches
  • 7 prints – 14 inches (feminine)
  • 37 prints – 16 inches (masculine)
  • 5 prints – 22 inches (masculine)
            Therefore, before the Flood, humans were gigantic, in fact, all life forms were gigantic.  Moses described pre-Flooders as being giants, in comparison to the people of his time:
            "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." Genesis 6:4.

            Essentially, everything in the fossil records was larger in the past then it is today.  Does that hold true?  Yes.
            The environmental context before the Flood would exercise the full genetic viability for all the life forms.  For example:

            The great white shark today gets 36 feet long, but fossil records from pre-Flood conditions show 60 feet long.  The Lepidodendron, whose counterpart today is the very same form lycopsid club moss, is about 16 inches high at best, but fossil records from pre-Flood conditions were 150 feet tall.  The dragonfly today has a wingspan of about 4 – 5 inches, but fossil records from pre-Flood conditions were 36 inches.

            What explains this?  We’re not evolving.  We''ve lost something in the process, or we lost the conditions that would permit the full expression of the lifeform.
            The evolution model cannot really explain this because it says that as time goes by, energy and complexity of species increases and accelerates, therefore, our dexterity and size should increase.  But according to fossil records, we were larger in the past, and are now decreasing in dexterity and size.  Why is that?  It has something to do with pre-Flood conditions

What''s Wrong With Our Brain?

            Our intelligence and intellectual capacity is diminishing.  Did you know that our parents are superior to us?  It can be proven that our parents, therefore our ancestors, are superior to us.  Granted, we may have a greater opportunity to learn and use new things as time goes by, and have greater educational values and opportunities, but they are still superior to us.  Why are our ancestors far superior to us?  It has something to do with pre-Flood conditions. 12

            One scientist estimated that our brain can hold information that “would fill some twenty million volumes, as many as in the world’s largest libraries.”  Some neuroscientists estimate that during an average lifespan, a person uses only 1/100th of 1 percent (.0001) of his potential brain capacity.  You might well ask, ‘Why do we have a brain with so much capacity that we hardly test a fraction of it in a normal lifetime?’
            The answer is this: Humans were much more intelligent in the past before the Flood.  Why?  It was due to pre-Flood conditions: better diet in food and better living conditions which we will explain.  From conception on, the brain was hyper-oxygenated, but not to the point of toxicity.  These conditions were the perfect level.  The blood plasma was saturated with oxygen.  The cellular structure was fed and nurtured before the child was born, therefore, the brain was already enlarged to begin with because it was totally fed in all its capacity with oxygen.
            If we have so much brain capacity, why don’t we use it?  Well, we really can’t now, not in today’s atmospheric conditions.  For example, in school during a lecture, we would need to write in a notebook so that we would later recall back to it, because we know our own limitations.  But people before the flood would not have to do this; everything would have been stored in their brain from memory.  Therefore, if our brain was to get the necessary oxygen so that it would be totally filled with it, everybody in this world would put Albert Einstein to shame in terms of intellectual capacity.

            As a result, our bodies were designed to function best in 2 atm (twice the atmospheric pressure) and 25% O2, just like pre-Flood conditions.
            This would have solved many problems, including the dinosaurs.  In today’s atmospheric conditions, they wouldn’t have survived.  In evolutionary concepts, by the time they reached puberty, before they could repopulate, they would have itched to death from the outside in, because they were of such large bulk, weight and size, they wouldn’t have gotten enough oxygen to the deep cell tissue of such bulk size because of their small lung capacity.  But they would have survived in pre-Flood conditions.
            Therefore, the dinosaurs lived in pre-Flood conditions.  They could have gotten the oxygen they needed.  Their blood plasma would be totally saturated with O2, and they were able to grow to huge sizes and still survive.  They wouldn’t have itched to death due to oxygen starvation.

            The best example of what it was like to live and recuperate before the Flood is illustrated in the life of a girl called Jessica McClure, in Texas, probably the most famous little girl in the world over a decade ago.  She fell into a well and was stuck for 58 hours.  In there, her leg was suspended behind her back, and her foot was pushed against her face.  By the time help arrived, they found her right foot completely black, because of its suspension and the lack of oxygen and blood supply.  Eventually, they rushed her to a hyperbaric medical chamber facility which contained a little over 2 atm and 100% O2, similar to pre-Flood conditions.  No one can survive in 100% O2 for too long, but they needed a very quick fix.  First they thought that they would have to amputate her foot, but in a few hours, it started to get pink.  So then they thought they would have to amputate her toes, but her toes started to turn pink.  First the big toe, then the second, third, fourth.  But the fifth one didn’t quite make it because it didn’t turn pink.  But ultimately, her foot was basically healed.

            Why did her foot behave that way?  It appears our bodies were designed to function and repair themselves best in pre-Flood conditions.  Also, it has been found that with increased CO2 and pressure, vegetation grew to tremendous sizes in these pre-Flood conditions.

Long Live the Trees

            A true story of a Japanese physicist in Japan by the name of Dr. Kei Mori: Dr. Mori was working in the office basement of his house.  He wanted to plant something living so he planted a tomato plant in the basement.  He didn’t have enough light to make his plant grow down there, and he didn’t want to pay anymore for his light bill, so he used a fibre optic cable that went from the roof of the house into the basement that would have the sun shine on the plant.  If light shined at one end of the cable, then light would be emitted at the other end.  That’s how fibre optic cables work.  Also, the cable, with its dimensions, filtered ultraviolet rays from the sun, therefore, the light coming in was like pre-Flood conditions.  So Dr. Mori planted the tomato plant, and in a few weeks it grew out of control.  Dr. Mori knew he was getting somewhere, so he created a platform outside with a plastic shielding process to filter out UV rays, with increased CO2 and pressure.  Dr. Mori was trying to simulate pre-Flood conditions in this platform.  The plant was now placed in the platform.  On average, a tomato plant, if it’s lucky and without any frost, will last about 5 months, until it dies of old age.  Now Dr. Mori’s plant, after two years, grew up to 16 feet tall with 903 tomatoes on it.  Four years later, it was over 30 feet tall and had 5000 tomatoes on it.  With a 6-year lifespan compared to a 5-month lifespan, that is a 12-fold lifespan already!

            The United States Department of Agriculture simply added some carbon dioxide to cotton plants, and they found that it resulted in a 30 to 50 percent increase in growth rate.
            No wonder such lush vegetation existed before the Flood.  Only scientific creation can in principle match the context that we find in the fossil record.

            If vegetation had a long lifespan in pre-Flood conditions, then the same goes for man.  Are the ages in the biblical record true in a literal sense?  Of course.
            In today’s society, a healthy person would probably have a good lifespan of about 80 years and still be in control and command of his/her faculties.  Multiply 80 by a 12-fold lifespan and you get 960 years.  Did our ancestors ever live that many years?  Sure they did.  Adam almost lived that much.  He was 930 years old.  Genesis 5:5.  Methuselah, the longest person ever to live, was 969 years old.  Genesis 5:27.

            Dr. Edward Blick, a leading scholar at the University of Oklahoma, head of the aerospace engineering department, stated in print:
            With the circumstances of pre-Flood conditions, with greater amounts of oxygen, UV being filtered out, and with a large lung capacity, man was able to run up to 200 miles without fatigue.
            Also, a severe cut to the hand would have healed in one day, because the blood plasma would have been totally saturated with O2, due to the higher atmospheric pressure, whereas today we would need 14 days for it to heal completely, and that’s including medication.  As stated previously, it has been discovered in hyperbaric medical chamber experiments that under these circumstances, an open wound would indeed heal overnight.
            A pre-Flood condition was like utopia.

The Cosmos of the Universe

            Cosmology, the science of how we know the universe is orderly, must also be explained in the same context of the creation and evolution models.  All chemistry in life is in terms of + and – , boy and girl, male and female.  This also explains all physical and biological life.
            We need to analyze subatomic particles within elementary atoms.  But eventually, no matter how deep into the earth we discover, everything we see in microcosm, macrocosm, biology, microbiology, astrophysics, plant life, animal life is all ordered, structured and designed.

            Consider earth today, with its total volume, and all the elementary atoms and elements in chemistry, with all of its possible writhing, contortions, interchanges, reactions and interactions with each other, contains 160 exponential bits of information (EBI).  Not to be confused with linear bits used in computers where you add bits to another bit and so on.  In mathematics, an exponential bit means in order to get to 160, whatever that number represents, you would need to square all the previous information in the 159, by itself.  Therefore, 160 EBI is an extremely large number!!!
            For example: the entire Solar System with the sun, all its planets, moons, asteroids, dust particles, etc., contains 170 EBI.  Note that 170 EBI is astronomically larger than 160 EBI since we have to square each number every time we increase it.
            How large is the universe?  No one has any idea how large it is, except how big the Creator wants it.  The universe is thought to contain 235 EBI.  235 EBI is a quantum leap from 170 EBI!!!

           Dr. Robert Gange, a research scientist of information theory of the David Sarnoff Research Center in Princeton, New Jersey, reported in writing the following information:
            Living material, which are 3-dimensional, sequential, and all the information contained in the organic material is interconnected with all the other information in that material, so that there is a fantastically large amount of information in living units.
            The smallest unit of living material, which is so small and we don’t know much about it, is something called a protein molecule.  It’s not self-replicating, it can’t even reproduce itself, in other words, it takes a cell to reproduce it and it’s not even a cell, but it’s living.

  • 1 protein molecule contains 1500 EBI.
  • 1 ecoli bacterium, found in the lining of the intestinal tract needed for digestion to be normal, contains 7 million EBI.
  • 1 human cell holds 20 billion EBI !!! 13
            In evolutionary concepts, given 16 billion years of the age of the universe, there was a primordial pond on earth, and with the right lightning strokes, temperature, combinations, writhes, contortions, experimentations, with perfect conditions, created the first amino acids, and over time formed into molecules, into cells, and eventually into man.

            Let’s do better.  Let’s imagine that this primordial pond was on every continent.  Let’s do better than that.  Let’s imagine that it’s on every acre of land.  Or even better, also on the moon, the sun, and on all the surfaces available in the entire universe.
            Now here is something interesting: to be scientific, let’s give these circumstances an eternity of time to happen.  Forever and ever and ever.
            The final statement is:  there is not enough information available in the entire universe to produce 1 protein molecule, let alone 1 bacterium, let alone 1 cell.

            Therefore, that says in the beginning God created the whole thing.


Many scientists now acknowledge that the complex molecules basic to life
could not have been spontaneously generated in some prebiotic soup

            It appears that everything is orchestrated.  Given the evidence just explained, it would mandate that you could not be an atheist or a theistic evolutionist.  It would mandate that evolutionary processes are absolutely impossible and that it totally falsifies the Darwinian concept.
            In evolutionary concepts, each progressive species is ever increasing in complexity, which originally started as a very basic form.  But did you know that it was already in complex form from the beginning?  The eye of the trilobite is more complex than TVs and video cameras.  Throughout time, everything had always been complex 14

Time, Time Again

            Let’s talk about time.  How long ago did all this happen?  In evolutionary concepts, the earth was created 4.5 billion years ago, and 16 billion years ago was the big bang.  But the big bang has a problem.  There wasn’t a big bang, there was a big word, and this word had design behind it and it said “Let there be…”  Behind that statement had to be design for any of it to work, and it happened not too long ago.
            But now we’re putting God in a time frame, aren’t we?  No, we’re not.  God has always been.  How do we explain this?  We can’t.  If I could completely explain God, then in principle, I could create God.  But in reality, we cannot create God, He created us.
            Could we explain our parents?  Or rather yet, could parents even explain their children sometimes?  We can’t explain God; He is transcendent.  He leaves His signature and this is an important concept.

            Is there evidence that the earth was created rapidly, rather than taking billions of years in evolutionary concepts? Yes.
            Dr. Robert V. Gentry, a globally accepted scholar, published in print and others have verified it to be accurate, that in the creation model, there was a granite crust all around the earth, leveled out, about 6 ? miles thick.  Taking a piece of granite worldwide and analyzing it, it was found to record tiny little rings in the granite crystalline structure called pleochroic halos. 15
            These little rings shows the radioactive decay of Uranium (U) 238 decaying into its daughter products, which eventually progresses down to Lead (Pb) 206, which is stable, in chain reactions.  Laboratories can now produce this chain reaction.
            In that chain signature, each signature is specific and is left to another as one element deteriorates, radioactively, into another and another, and a trail is left which is recorded in the crystalline structure of the granite.  In other words, a signature trail is left, each element gives off a different ring because of the energy that it gives off.  This is an important concept.

            Rings left by Polonium (Po) 218 and Polonium 214, two of the daughter products in the chain reaction, were found only in the U-238 decay chain, and not in other decay chains, and this is important.  Here’s why:
            Remember, granite is in crystalline form, it acts as a photographic plate which records energy, the burst of energy from the radiation.  The half-life of Po 218 is only 3 minutes; and after 10 half-lives of decay, or 30 minutes, the Po 218 would be essentially exhausted and would not be able to produce anymore halos.
            Remember that in mathematical theory, exponential decay can continue on infinity, just by adding zeroes each time you divide by two.  But in reality, physical structures have a finite mass, therefore, it can only deteriorate so much until all the mass is gone.
            Now there are consequences of this, especially if granite records these Po 218 halos in their internal structures.
            In this case, this means that the granite had to be intact, operational, in crystalline form, and in the state to record the energy released from radioactive decay, all in less than 30 minutes.
            But it’s better still.  The half-life of Po 214 is 0.000164 seconds (164 micro-seconds).  That means, in less than 1.64 milli-seconds, all of the Po 214 would be gone.
            In this case, the granite had to be intact, operational, in crystalline form, and in the state to record the energy released from radioactive decay, all in less than 2/100th of a second, faster than you can snap a finger.  Scientifically speaking, and not talking about any sort of religion, the entire granite structure, as a unit, was formed extremely fast!!!

            Dr. Robert Gentry presented a proposal to the world over two decades ago, in the late 1970s, and this proposal, to this day, still has not been fulfilled.  Here was what he said:
            "I have challenged my colleagues to synthesize a piece of granite with Po 218 halos as a means of falsifying this interpretation [of an instantaneous creation], but have not received a response.  It is inescapable that these experiments should be successful if the uniformitarian [evolution] principle is true.  Thus, with so much at stake for evolution, I suspect the reason why my evolutionary colleagues have failed to achieve success is because the Precambrian granites were never formed by the uniformitarian principle to begin with; hence, to attempt to utilize it now to produce a synthesized piece of granite is just a futile effort." 23

            Also another important fact is that if you try to melt granite, and let it cool by itself, as in the evolutionary process, it will not form into the same granite again, but rather into a fine-grained rock that is not even granite at all, such as rhyolite.

            As you can see here, everything was in perfect balance.  Does granite explode?  Of course not.  But there are nuclear elements in there that are radioactive.  Why don’t they explode?  Because, as before, it is in perfect balance.  Whoever did it, did it instantly, with intelligence, design, purpose, and all this explains it was perfectly balanced.

Earth''s Ending Energy

            Let’s talk about energy.  Now the earth has a problem.  Dr. Thomas G. Barnes, University of Texas in El Paso, verified and proved without any doubt, that after examining the strength of the electromagnetic field for the past 150 years, that the electromagnetic field is losing ? its energy every 1400 years, and this is an exponential deterioration. 16

  • so 1,400 years ago, it was 2X as strong.
  • for 2,800 years ago, it was 4X as strong.
  • for 4,200 years ago, it was 8X as strong.
            Anything approaching 10,000 years ago, which is just a drop in the bucket in evolution time, the strength of the electromagnetic field would be so intense, that the molecular structure in living organisms would not be able to hold up.  No life would be possible.
           Given 15,000 years ago, just a drop in the bucket for evolutionists, the electromagnetic field would have had an intensity of a magnetic star, and no chemical reactions and interactions would be possible.  There would be nuclear reactions but no chemical reactions for life stabilizing factors.
            Therefore, the earth must have been created recently, less than 10,000 years ago, and this is accurate with the data observed from the electromagnetic field.

Mission to the Moon

            Apollo 11 was man’s first landing on the moon as most everyone knows.  They were able to monitor with greater precision the gravitational field of the moon, and the rate at which dust particles were coming in from space.
            In evolutionary concepts, if the moon were 4.5 billion years old, same as the earth, how much dust would have accumulated on the moon due to the gravitational field attraction?  Calculations had at least 54 feet (being conservative) to 900 feet deep of loosely consolidated cosmic dust particles.
            The lunar lander was created with huge pods/dishes, which could have navigated on water and on the moon, because NASA was expecting tremendous amount of dust on the moon.
            When Neil Armstrong got to the moon, what did he find?  His first words on the moon:

  • “That’s one small step for man.  One giant leap for mankind.”
  • Then when his feet touched the ground he said………………………
  • IT''S SOLID!”  This statement totally destroys the concept of evolution.
           Analysts say the moon contains only a 1/8 to ? inch of dust particles.  Therefore, the moon has to be fairly young and this amount of dust particles would amount to a few thousand years of time, and it couldn’t be calculated any time over that given the rates at which dust was falling.

Ring Around the Saturn

            Let’s talk about the Saturn flyby and the first pictures taken of its rings.  Amazingly enough, there were small chunks and large chunks in the rings.
            But according to Roche’s Law, and other universal physical principles, in evolution time, the chunks, rather ice chunks with a few 10 thousands of them, should have melded together and become homogeneous into one general diameter.  If there were small and big chunks, they should have homogenized in a few 10’s of thousands of years, but they’re not.  There are still small and big chunks.
            Therefore, this suggests that the planet and the rings have to be fairly young at about a few thousand years old.
            It’s also interesting that, if you look closely, how the small and large chunks are braided and intertwined together.  No physical law can explain this by natural circumstances.  For example, on the sand in the beach, someone writes, “I was here, guess who?”  Sure enough, someone was there.
            In the same way, someone must have went out there and designed it.  Do you know who it was?

Speeeeeeeeeed!!!!!! of Light

            So far, everything explained is fairly young.  What about the stars?  Aren’t they really far away?  Light travels now at just over 186,000 miles/second.  If certain stars are, let’s say, 16 billion light-years (bly) away, then it must have taken light 16 billion years to travel to earth, right?  Not necessarily.
            In order to get information from a certain galaxy 16 bly away, you would need to examine the interpretation of the red shift: the Doppler Effect, to find the speed of the galaxy and its universal position.  The red shift says that if a body is moving away from the earth, and the light from the body is moving towards the earth, then the light is tending toward the red end of the colour spectrum.
            But that’s not the only way to tell if light is tending toward the red shift.

            Dr. Paul Marmet, a senior researcher at the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics of the National Research Council of Canada, conducted an actual experiment on light and discovered the following information:
            Light traveling through the universe shows a time factor of tiring, and just by tiring it shows the red shift.  Why?  Because light loses its energy to the galactic medium of the universe. 7
            Therefore, light shows the red shift by going through space for just a few seconds, a few years, a few thousand years, and so on.  This doesn’t show 16 billion years.  Going some odd 16 billion years doesn’t mean anything now.  This means that light-bearing bodies may not be 16 billion ly away, they might only be 3 ly away, or even just 15 minutes away

            In 1953, Drs. Moon and Spencer, neither of them creationists, proposed that light from stars traveled along curved pathways in a mathematical framework known as Riemannian Space.  They argued that, taking into account the curvature of space and that light travels in a curve line, this shows that from the most distant galaxy in the universe, light can reach earth in 17.5 years, not billions of years.  Remember, they were not trying to prove a recent creation or support the Bible

            Barry Setterfield, an astronomer of Australia, has found that light is slowing down 17  Light is diminishing exponentially in velocity that matches a sine curve, and has leveled out in velocity in about 1960.  Therefore, if light behaves like a sine curve, then in the past the speed of light must have been infinite.
            If you calculate the speed light is at now, using a supercomputer in Australia, and measure back into the past when light had been traveling at infinite speed, then the time it took for light to level out in velocity from infinity to this day is 6640 years +/- 20 years.
            This could be the answer.  Well, lets look at another viewpoint.

            How do you get light from far away bodies and get it near the earth, especially if the universe is a little over 6000 years old?
            The granite, with the decay rate which breaks it down to lead, was orchestrated, intact and in perfect balance.  This balance principle for the earth must hold true with the universe.

            Everything in the beginning was created in maturity.  On the third day, fruits were on trees with seeds in them, were ready to be eaten and be reproduced.  Plants and trees were in operational maturity, birds could already fly, instead of starting from the nest.
            God created the first human, Adam, fully matured and fully functional, even if he was only a few minutes old (Think about it - this answers the question: which came first, the chicken or the egg?).
            Was Adam really fully mature?  Yes.  Adam was the greatest scientist outside Jesus Christ who ever lived.  When God created the animals, He didn’t have to tell Adam how to name them.  God brought all the living creatures to Adam and Adam automatically named them as they passed by according to their character, traits, habits, etc.  And whatever Adam named them, the name thereof would be.  Genesis 2:19.  The names never needed changing because they were already perfect.
            Adam was already sexually matured, so God created Eve for him not too long after.

            Everything was planned, and on the fourth day, all the light and all the stellar bodies were already positioned into their places, with light already streaming in towards the earth.  You say that’s impossible.  No, it’s not.
            For example, lets take a common word processor document.  You type all the words out, all the pictures and neat graphics are in their right places, here and there, all the words have been spellchecked and proofread for grammatical and semantical errors.  You definitely designed your document until everything is perfect and how you want it to be.  But nothing is printed yet.  All this is stored in memory and the memory knows where to put every single particle.  One push of a button and the final product is produced instantaneously.

           All in all, everything in the universe was orchestrated in maturity.  Every particle in the universe was placed into its position, and that includes light.  Did you know that light behaves like a particle and a wave at the same time?

            The textbooks all say the same thing: Nothing can move faster than the speed of light shooting through a vacuum.  "The broadest message is never trust your textbook," said Aephraim Steinberg, a physicist at the University of Toronto.
            In July 2000, an experiment published in that month''s issue of the journal Nature has found that a pulse of light can apparently break the ultimate speed limit of 186,282 miles per second.  A speeding light pulse can bend the laws of common sense - but not relativity - by exiting a chamber even before it enters it, the experiment indicates.
            For nearly a century, physicists have believed that anything moving faster than the speed of light in a vacuum would violate the most basic notions of Eintein''s theory of relativity.  Because of relativity''s relationship between speed and time, moving faster than light would, it was thought, be like taking a sneak peek into the future.  That would crumble the deeply held notion of causality, that the cause of something always precedes its effect.  Now those assumptions may need to be re-examined.  But the physicists are clear on one point - nothing in the new experiment contradicts Eintein''s theory.  Ultrafast light pulses are possible - and explainable in the world as we know it - because light, unlike matter, has no mass and can be viewed as a series of particles and as waves.
            A pulse of light is actually an ensemble of waves of different frequencies.  The pulse, like a wave in the ocean, has a peak, but also a leading edge that precedes it.
            Passed through very particular materials which physicists can create in their labs, light can begin to act very strangely.  Physicists at Harvard and Berkeley have shown in the past year that they can slow light - in one case down to the speed of an Olympic runner.  While that is a feat, experiments to speed light beyond light speed are considered much more difficult.
            In this case, the experimenters used a clever and highly artificial creation - a 2.4 inch glass cell filled with cesium vapour.  They shot the cell with two laser pulses that raised each of the cesium atoms in the vapour to a specific higher energy level.  A precisely tuned third laser then soaked up that excess energy and shot out of the cell at a speed faster than light.
            According to Lijun Wang, lead physicist on the experiment, and several other physicists, the reason the light behaves the way it does is that when the leading edge of that third laser pulse begins to enter the chamber, it carries with it all the information needed to reconstruct the entire light wave.  That allows the cesium atoms in the chamber to spit out a light beam before the entering pulse has fully reached them.
            As a result, the time needed for the pulse to move through the cell is 310 times shorter than the time it would normally take light to travel the length of the cell in a vacuum.  That transit time was incredibly short: two-tenths of a billionth of a second. d

Sophisticated Primitive People

            There is another problem with the evolution model: in the beginning man appears in sophisticated form, not primitive form.

            Anthropologists and sociologists admit that if man has certain characteristics, he has to be sophisticated.  It is an amazing fact that man from Adam to Noah possessed a composite of approximately 56 characteristics that have never, from Noah''s time until the present, been possessed by a single culture of man.  What this means is that original man was a superior man.  The 56 traits can be found at reference #12.

            Pre-Flood man possessed 56 superior characteristics.  These characteristics to some degree would have been related to the early generations after the biblical Noahic Flood, because man was superior in his genetic characteristics, and thus was able to transmit and receive many of these characteristics without the benefit of a written word.

            Written records are observable for us, however.  For example, a very special bit of data had not been highly publicized, but has certainly been researched and verified.  In the area of Cro-Magnon man, or Magdalenian-period Stone Age man (by evolutionary standards, the time period of Magdalenian-period Stone
Age man was late Paleolithic (before 30,000 yrs ago)), very high sophistication capability has been evidenced, not only in his ability to draw in the caves, but also in a documented bit of evidence which verifies the concept of the orchestral creation model.  This concept supports the notion that ancient man was a sophisticated man, and by ancient man we are not far removed in time from him, not nearly as far as the evolutionists would suppose.

            Rene Noorbergen relates the following evidence in his classic work:

            "In the cave near Lussac-les-Cateaux, in 1937, Leon Pericard and Stephane Lwoff uncovered a number of engraved stones dating from the Magdalenian period which drastically altered the accepted picture.  The flat stones showed men and women in casual poses, wearing robes, boots, belts, coats and hats.  One engraving is a profile of a young lady who appears to be sitting and watching something.  She is dressed in a pant suit with a short-sleeved jacket, a pair of small boots, and a decorated hat that flops down over her right ear and touches her shoulder.  Resting on her lap is a square, flat object that folds down the front, very much like a modern purse.  Other examples show men wearing well-tailored pants and coats, broad belts with clasps, and clipped beards and moustaches.
            "... The Lussac models are by no means the only evidence of sophisticated dress from the Stone Age.  Prehistoric cave printings from the Kalahari Desert of Southwest Africa, dated within the Stone Age period, show light-skinned men with blond beards and well-styled hair, wearing boots, tight-fitting pants, multicolored shirts, and coats and gloves."

            Such accounts of the earliest history of man do not indicate that he was a brute beast.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Man, when he appeared on the earth, was very sophisticated.  Given the context in which man was living at the time, and driven by circumstances, whether temporary or semi-permanent, man''s behaviour and lifestyle were compatible with today''s contemporary society.
            Anthropological and historical records show that man has from time to time lived in caves.  The Nabateans, an advanced and resourceful people, lived almost entirely in caves in the Petra area of southern Jordan. There are areas in the world today where environmental factors still make cave dwelling preferable.

            The fact that man was able to display superior characteristics at the very beginning of his existence, a composite picture of an intelligent and compassionate human being, shows that man had to be created.  He could not have evolved.  Man possessed superior characteristics and arrived on the scene fully mature.  This evident truth supports the concept of orchestrated creation. e

            In recent years, scientists have researched human genes extensively.  By comparing human genetic patterns around the earth, they found clear evidence that all humans have a common ancestor, a source of the DNA of all people who have ever lived, including each of us.  In 1988, Newsweek magazine presented those findings in a report entitled “The Search for Adam and Eve.”  Those studies were based on a type of mitochondrial DNA; genetic material passed on only by the female.  Reports in 1995 about research on male DNA point to the same conclusion – that “there was an ancestral ‘Adam,’ whose genetic material on the [Y] chromosome is common to every man now on earth,” as Time magazine puts it. m

            In May 2000, in what appeared to be startling news, archeologists have uncovered the ruins of a 6,000-year-old city that suggests the rise of cities and civilization occurred earlier than previously thought.
            U.S. scientists found a protective city wall under a huge mound in northeastern Syria known as Tell Hamoukar.  The wall and other evidence indicated a complex government dating back at least 6,000 years.
            The time periods involved challenge the view that urban civilization first blossomed in Sumerian citystates like Uruk, in modern day southern Iraq, and then spread through the ancient Near East during the Late Uruk period, from 3500 to 3100 B.C. f

            Is there any evidence of a highly advanced civilization built by humans around 6000 years ago in the Biblical record?  Sure there is.  The first human to build a city was the son of Adam and Eve:
            "And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch." Genesis 4:17.
            This is more clear evidence that civilizations, dating as far back as 6000 years ago, consisted of highly developed and superior human beings.  This is in harmony with the creation model.

            In April 2001, it has been found that "pre-historic people" living in Asia, given the evolutionistic scale of 8,000 years ago, may have used stone-tipped drills to repair teeth, New Scientist magazine said on Wednesday.  In what could be one of the earliest examples of dentistry, scientists at the University of Missouri-Columbia in the United States have found tiny, perfectly rounded holes in teeth found in Mehrgarh in "pre-historic" Pakistan, which they suspect were drilled to repair tooth decay.
            "The researchers looked at the holes with an electron microscope and found the sides were too perfectly rounded to be cavities caused by bacteria," according to the weekly science magazine.  "Under the microscope, they could see concentric grooves left by what was probably a drill with a tiny stone bit."
            Andrea Cucina, who first discovered the tiny holes, said they didn''t appear to be a funeral rite and the teeth were still in the jaw so they had not been drilled to make a necklace.  He and his colleagues suspect the holes were a treatment for tooth decay and that plants or another substance had been inserted into the holes to prevent bacterial growth.  Because the holes were the same diameter of those found in their beads the scientists said the people of Mehrgarh had the skill and tools to perform such delicate work.
            "At this point we can''t be certain," said Cucina.  "But it is very tantalizing to think they had such knowledge of health and cavities and medicine to do this." l

            It may only seem tantalizing for those who do not know the biblical record.  But for those who know the biblical record, it is interesting to discover that not too long after the creation of the earth, several generations after Adam, there was a man by the name of Tubalcain, and it is said that Tubulcain was "an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron." Genesis 4:22.
            It is apparent that Adam''s descendants soon caught on quickly about metal technology.  But according to the evolutionary standard and timescale, the "pre-historic people" could not have been highly advanced enough to know of metal technology, which is then assumed that the scientists have resorted to them using something less technologically advanced, such as stone materal.
            Given what we now know, it is not "tantalizing," therefore, that our distant ancestors, whom had superior qualities and characteristics, had the means to do this type of delicate work.


            Microevolution, variations within genetic boundary, is plausible and does occur in our world.  We have variations within our genetic boundaries.  For example, some species have developed more fur than others.  Some have developed one or another characteristics to adapt to their environment.  It’s not because they have evolved in the process, it’s because genetically, they have the capability of adapting.  This is really called NATURAL SELECTION, which a loving God has given to all living organisms to enable them to survive in changing environments.
            We have the ability to adapt.  We can adapt to our surroundings: if it is really cold outside; we put a coat on.  If it is really hot, we don’t need a coat.  People grow beards, but it is not necessary to have them.  In some situations in life, we would have a burst of adrenaline, whereas in other situations this wouldn’t arise.

Possible Pre-Flood Lifestyles

            In life we need music, some inspiration.  Programmed into the radio stars and into the visible stars is general orchestrated music that is harmonic – one star picks up sounds from another, one which is not harmonic does not pick them up, thus it is left out.  Therefore, this blending of sound created a beautiful cosmic background, not suggesting the new age theory or concept because there was perfect balance and harmony with the Creator’s plan, which suggested an orchestration which would have gotten you ready to sing the rest of the day, and inspire you to new songs.

            NASA discovered some years ago that not only are the stars giving off radio waves, some of the stars are giving off one million times as much radio energy as is produced in our entire Milky way galaxy.  Stars throughout the universe are emitting radio wave energy.  Some entire galaxies are emitting almost nothing but radio wave energy.  NASA discovered to their amazement that not only are these stars emitting radio wave energy, but that there is music on those radio waves of energy.  NASA also discovered that not only is music emitted, but the music being emitted is in a major key.  The music being emitted from these stars is harmonious.  NASA compared the music being emitted from these star sources to the instruments of an orchestra that are all in tune with each other.
            This evidence seems to verify the existence of an orchestral creation.  It seems that everywhere we look, creation is orchestrated.  In the past, with some special plasma ionized research units, NASA found that Neptune and some of the other planets give off special signals themselves.  One of the planets in our solar system emits a signal which sounds like whistling, as if it were whistling a tune. g

            In the biblical record, before the Flood, people made harps and organs (Genesis 4:21), which were platform instruments and handheld instruments, but why would they create and invent those things?  You only invented what you needed.  We were created to be creative like God, so we built musical instruments to express the music that we heard from the inspirational music in the stars each morning (Job 38:7).  You didn’t need a watch, you could have told time by the stars, actually feel time, you could actually feel an orientation.  There is a tiny little nodule of iron or ferrous material in the heads of certain birds, and it holds its electromagnetic field.  They were able to navigate with lines of force in response to the ferric material.  Can humans orient like that?
            We have lots of ferric material in our body, and it is oriented in certain organs appropriately.

            About 4,300 years ago, the electromagnetic field was in stasis.  If the electromagnetic field was resupplied in energy because of the overload of energy coming in from the stellar forces, it didn’t need recharging.  This would have caused additional energy to bleed over, but since this additional energy would have replaced the energy we used up on earth, then everything would have been combined into perpetual motion, which is conservation of energy
            But what happens if the radioisotopes in the stellar bodies run out?  Well, there is a principle in the biblical record where it talks about how “He unfolds in every age a renewal of His activity…” Revelation 21:5
            God will make everything new again.

            The electromagnetic field was kept in constant energy storage, it didn’t run out.  In the past, indications showed the intensity of the electromagnetic field had sub-units in the form of laylines.  Built in ancient times, in certain areas seen in England and throughout Europe, certain markers had greater strength and were equidistant apart, so when you get this in full strength, this dipole magnet takes on laylines.  These laylines made it possible for man and birds to navigate extremely well, even better than today, and feel their way around the earth and environment at all times.  Man didn’t even need a roadmap.

            Especially if the electromagnetic field was stronger in the past, man felt the orientation and effects of time as well as space so he had a sense of belonging and security not possible today.  You wouldn’t need a bicycle, it’d just get in the way, you’d be faster by trotting.  You normally wouldn’t ride a horse, but you could have if you wanted to.
            National Geographic admitted that they found hoofed horses along with the 3-toed horses in the fossil record.  Before the Flood was the superior 3-toed horse, because they were great for marshes and wetland, but what kind of horses would go into Noah’s ark?   Hoofed horses because God knew that after the Flood, there would be lots of dry land coming.
            Certain catfish have a sphere of electromagnetic sensitivity, so they know when another creature is within its field of sensitivity.  As with man, we could have felt the presence of others near our vicinity, to some degree

Home is Where the Stone is

            In the heart of the earth is the cornerstone, a solid iron core, now beyond that it is molten, but it hasn’t always been that way.
            A cornerstone is a stone placed at the beginning of construction.  It is placed adjacent to the foundation from which all other points are oriented.
            Iron has a special capability, ferric in crystalline structure, which has the ability to line up all other crystals in a north-south orientation.   And it has to keep it that way.  It’s called a permanent magnet.  Everything in the earth is in relation to this cornerstone, the central core.  The electromagnetic field was absolutely necessary, and it is related to that cornerstone.  It was kept aligned from that ferric material.

            Incidentally, there is also a spiritual cornerstone; everything in life is in reference to Him: Jesus Christ is the cornerstone.  Without Him, there is nothing to life.  Everything in life is kept aligned by Him.  Really?  Watch the following:

The Electrical Growth

            Did you know that without the electromagnetic field, which is kept aligned by that cornerstone, we wouldn’t be living?  Why’s that?  This was an idea suggested by a grade 11 student:
            NASA conducted this special experiment that sent 21 fertilized eggs, 1 egg fertilized a day after the other, beyond the major effect of the greater electromagnetic field and later came back to earth.  The eggs were then incubated continually.
            The eggs that were fertilized on earth were sent up into space, then after a few days they were sent back down to earth.  Altogether, since fertilization, the eggs hatched in 8 days or more reflecting the time that they were in space out of the electromagnetic field.
            The eggs that were not fertilized on earth, therefore being fertilized originally in space, were sent down to earth immediately.  It didn’t make any difference where they were fertilized, but where their cells could divide was only in the electromagnetic field of the earth.  Altogether, since fertilization, the eggs hatched in less than 7 days.
            Why is that so significant?  Because of mitosis, the cell division in the embryo.  Cells couldn’t divide for life to continue, though life was there, except in the presence and under the influence of the electromagnetic field.  The electromagnetic field is necessary for growth, and without it, we could not have developed as an embryo.

The Flood of the Past

            One of the areas of topical consideration in the world today, and found in all primary records of all the cultures of man, is that there was a worldwide flood at some time in the past.  Not only are there records of a worldwide flood in the legends of nations and civilizations of history, but over 500 cultures have left writings or oral records relating how a few people survived the flood.  The names of the individuals surviving the flood have been related in these records.  For example:

            In the chronicles of Babylon, the gods were said to have told a man to build a boat with nine decks, and to fill it with cattle, wild beasts, and food, because the world was to be destroyed by a flood.  After a rain lasting six days, according to the Babylonian record, this Chaldean Noah sent out a dove, a swallow, and a raven.  Again, according to the ancient Babylonian account, when the man left his ship, he offered a sacrifice, and the gods were so pleased they made this man and his family gods also.

            In an ancient Greek legend, a man made a box in which he put all the things necessary for life.  The story continues to relate that the god Zeus sent a great rain, and the man and his wife closed themselves in the box.  Everyone else died in the flood, except those who could climb on top of the highest mountains, and after nine days and nights, the rain stopped and the man and his wife left the box.

            In India, there is a traditional account of a fish named Mannu that warned a man about a flood that would kill everything.  The man built a boat and only he was able to escape.

            In America, the Lenni Lenape Indians believed that there was a time when a powerful snake made all people wicked.  The snake caused water to destroy everything, according to this Indian legend.  But on an island, there lived a man named Manabozho, the grandfather of all men, and he was saved from the flood by riding on the back of a turtle.  While the story is different from the account of Noah and the ark in the Bible, the basic details are the same.

            In Peru, the natives handed down a story from generation to generation which tells about a shepherd and his family.  It was noticed one day, according to the narrative, that their llamas were sad.  Upon investigation concerning the despondent animals, the family learned from the stars that a great flood was coming.  The shepherd and his family climbed a high mountain, and as the waters rose, the top of the mountain began to float, so they were saved.

            In the South Pacific, natives told how a fish hook got caught in the hair of an ocean god. The god awoke in an angry mood and decided that all people should be killed.  The fisherman begged for forgiveness, so the god told him to go to an island where he would be saved when the flood came.

            Dr. John Morris in his book Noah''s Ark and the Lost World, recounts many of the legends and traditions of past civilizations about a flood that killed all the people in the world with the exception of a few souls.
            In all the various accounts by different nations, races and languages, the essential facts relating to a great deluge correspond with the biblical record.  In legend after legend, in report after report, the collective evidence is that there was a flood that covered the earth and there were only a few survivors.
            While there can be no credibility linking an isolated myth, legend or tradition to a literal historical event, in the case of the flood where such accounts are found in five hundred different sources completely around the earth, the evidences becomes overwhelming.  There had to have been a flood, and in the Bible we have the uncontaminated record of what happened.  Related myths, legends and traditions have these connecting facts: the people of the earth were wicked; there was a great flood which killed everyone with the exception of from one to a few; and, those who were spared survived in a boat, a box, or some other type of deliverance.

            We can say confidently, however, that the biblical record is the accurate and uncontaminated record of the flood, because it is the only one that can be entirely substantiated and supported by scientific evidence. h

            In September 2000, the great flood received validation when undersea explorers found human artifacts at the bottom of the Black Sea.  Remnants of human habitation were found 20 kilometres off the coast of Turkey in more than 90 metres deep into the water, explorer Robert Ballard said.  Evidence suggests that these people must have thrived in a coastal setting before a catastrophic flood inundated the area thousands of years ago.

Click here to see enlarged picture
Beam shows sign of being worked by
implements or tools

            "Artifacts at the site are clearly preserved, with carved wooden beams, wooden branches and stone tools collapsed amongst the mud matrix of the structure."  Ballard said in a telephone call from the expedition ship to the National Geographic Society, where he is the explorer-in-residence.
            Ballard, best known for finding the Titanic wreck in 1985, is using an underwater remote operated vehicle to scan the depths where the ruins are located.  Ballard said the extraordinary state of preservation of the wood and other organic materials at the site is most likely due to the Black Sea''s deep, oxygen-free waters.
            "It is critical to know the exact era of the people who lived there, and to that end we hope to recover artifacts and wood for carbon dating so we can figure out what sort of people lived there and the nature of their tools. j

Click here to see enlarged picture
Polished stone like an axe or chisel

            Columbia University geophysicists William Ryan and Walter Pitman speculated (note: we do not believe their belief in a local flood) in their 1998 book Noah''s Flood that when the European glaciers melted thousands of years ago, the Mediterranean Sea overflowed into what was then a smaller, freshwater lake to create the Black Sea.  Using sound waves and coring devices to probe the sea floor, they discovered clear evidence that the Black Sea, an inland body of water, had once been a vast freshwater lake lying deep below the level of the world''s rising oceans.  Sophisticated dating techniques confirmed that thousands of years ago the mounting seas burst through the narrow Bosporus Valley at 200 times the flow of Niagara Falls, and the salt water of the Mediterranean poured into the lake.

Click here to see enlarged picture
Two worked objects, possibly tools, with
holes indicating they were drilled by a human

            But until Ballard''s discovery in September 2000, Ryan said, evidence of a flood was only circumstantial.  Last year, Ballard found indications of an ancient coastline kilometres out from the current Black Sea coast.  His new discovery provides evidence people once lived there.  In September, Ballard''s team spotted a rectangular feature about 12 metres long and four metres wide at the intersection of two ancient river channels.  It appeared to be made of wood.  On closer inspection, the team confirmed the mysterious structure to be some type of dwelling.  "The building [has] carved wodden beams, wooden branches, and stone tools collapsed among the mud matrix of the structure," Ballard said.  The discovery bolsters the hypothesis that there were people living in the area when the flood occurred.
            Ballard said the structure he located was "clearly built by humans," and was characteristic of structures built thousands of years ago in the interior of Turkey.  It contained a stone chisel and two other stone tools, he said, adding that nothing has been removed from the site.  "When you first find a site, you don''t just run in there and start picking up things," he said.  The group is now mapping the site and looking for other structures in the area. j, 22

Ancient borderline

Submerged ancient coastline with a flat beach area beneath about 550 feet (168 metres) of water.
[note: However, carbon dating using marine life is notoriously vague.
Dates can be off by several hundred (or even thousand) years.
Therefore, 7,500 years ago may be controversial according to the true biblical timeframe]

Destruction of the Earth

            With all the orchestration in the earth and in the universe, everything was designed to go on and on forever, including us.  But man’s heart was always evil continually, and by His mercy, God shortened life.  How did He do it?

            God told the truth when he said, “My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years.” Genesis 6:3
            The scripture says, “God uttered His voice, and the earth melted.” Psalms 46:6.  Is that physically true?  Yes.
            “The springs of the deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened, and rain fell…” in that order.  Genesis 7:11,12

            A voice is vibrating energy.  Sunlight and starlight are vibrating energy, at a different level.  We can’t speak or yell that loud, but God can.
            Energy that vibrates 2.5 billion times/second is microwave energy.  The electromagnetic field vibrates at a slow 8 Hz, and this is the perfect vibrating rate for human physiology.  The exterior crust of the earth is granite, and the interior is full of water.  The earth is like an egg: shell on the outside, liquid on the inside.  If you place an egg in a microwave, and activate it, it will explode.  A few big chunks but many smaller pieces result from the explosion.
            There was a story of two farmers who put 2 eggs in a microwave.  The 2 eggs exploded with such tremendous force, that it blew not only the door wide open, but the safety latch that was on it also.  There was another story where an egg blew a hole right through the top of the microwave and some of the eggs splatted to the top of the room’s ceiling.  In reality, the egg explodes with tremendous force.

            The physics are the same with the earth.  What do you call it when a unit of radioactive material is in perfect balance, but all of a sudden it gets imbalanced for some reason?  Chernobyl was this kind of imbalance that causes a meltdown.
            Now certain parts of the center core of the earth, which contains molten iron, are now hotter than the surface of the sun, but it never used to be that way.  Is there proof that this meltdown happened?  Yes.
            Back in 1989, physicists thought that the temperature of the interior of the earth was around 6000°F, now we have found it to be around 12,000°F. Earth was never designed to be like that - one disruption of reactions leading to another, and what’s going on inside the earth today can only be explained by nuclear reactions, not pressure or gravitational attraction.

            Walter T. Brown, a Ph. D. and scholar, conducted an experiment by putting a model in the computer, giving earth pre-Flood conditions with the crust on the earth and the internal materials.  He wanted to see what would happen if earth had a meltdown. 18
            You’d only need energy to trigger it, not blow it up, to heat water out of balance.  The dimension of a water molecule is the same as the dimension of the wavelength of microwave energy.  Therefore, water absorbs all this energy and this adds to heat, heat adds to pressure and pressure adds to heat.
            This chain reaction of imbalances begins to disrupt the whole earth.

Click here to see enlarged picture
The mid-oceanic ridge is 47,000 miles long around the earth

            Just as with the result of an egg, the result is with the earth.  The result was: the crust was ripped apart at the seams at speeds of 2 ? miles/second, like ripping a tennis ball or a basketball.  The whole thing took less than 8 minutes for the entire earth to be ripped apart.  It was ripped apart, not separated, but this separation took 1 century to complete after the Flood during the days of Peleg.  Genesis 10:25.
            The mid-oceanic ridge (shown in red) winds its way between the continents much like the seam on a baseball.

Click here to see enlarged picture
The Ring of Fire, a zone of frequent earthquakes
and volcanic eruptions

            In the simulation, the first thing that happened was a rupture of a large hole on one side, and simultaneously it continued to rupture until all the fracture lines met.  Is there a spot on the globe where this rupture took place?  Yes.  Between the continents worldwide, there is this thing called the mid-oceanic ridge, the longest mountain range on earth, and it is 47,000 miles long between all of the continents, in the heart of the ocean except the South Pacific.  There is this area called the Ring of Fire in the South Pacific, and there is more volcanic activity there than any other place on earth.

            Volcanic arcs and oceanic trenches partly encircling the Pacific Basin form the Ring of Fire, a zone of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  The trenches are shown in blue-green.  The volcanic island arcs, although not labelled, are parallel to, and always landward of, the trenches.  For example, the island arc associated with the Aleutian Trench is represented by the long chain of volcanoes that make up the Aleutian Islands.

            It appears the great rupture occurred there, and the continental division occurred simultaneously around the earth.  These high pressure subterranean hot waters, known as the “fountains of the great deep,” shown by the computer, struck 70 miles high, and then started falling as if “floodgates” or “windows” were opened.
            The "floodgate terminology" shows that the water fell in a violent and concentrated manner.  Imagine the overwhelming force you would feel if you stood under floodgates that suddenly opened – floodgates which had 40 days worth of water behind them.  You would be buried alive for a split second, and then buried dead.  The word for violent rain (Hebrew geshem) was used instead of the word for normal rain.  Geshem rain is sometimes accompanied by high winds and huge hailstones that can destroy mortared walls (Ezekiel 13:11-13).  Normal rain (matar rain) is formed by condensation, a relatively slow process because heat must be transferred away from condensing droplets.  Rain formed by condensation does not correspond to the dramatic release of power suggested by the "floodgate terminology" and the bursting forth of water.
            The Hebrew word for "floodgate" is arubbah.  In Isaiah 24:18, its opening was associated with the shaking of the foundations of the earth.  In Malachi 3:10, 2 Kings 7:2, and 7:19, describe an almost miraculous opening of the sky.  In Hosea 13:3, it means chimney and is used to describe smoke pouring from a chimney, just as water jetted into the sky.

            Mammoths are frozen in muddy hail falling from above the atmosphere. 19  At the poles, pellets of ice fell and formed ice caps, and this introduced the ice age. 20

            Now this is a plausible mechanism, known as the hydroplate theory, to explain how we got here today. 21

Atmospheric Imbalances

            The result?  Let’s look at Jeremiah 51:15,16.  In verse 15, God, with His power, wisdom, and understanding, made the earth, everything was orchestrated and balanced.  In verse 16, it changes tense, now in the present, with the rain, water cycle, and the current disposition and that which was not known before.

            The unbalance of the earth collapsed the mechanism for keeping the electromagnetic field of the earth charged, therefore, the electromagnetic field began to behave very strangely and lose its energy.
            A real problem in the environment today is ultraviolet (UV) rays coming through at an alarming rate.  The Environmental Protection Agency announced that in a matter of decades, one out of every three persons will die of cancer due to increased UV radiation.
            Today, because of harmful short-wave radiation, man suffers genetic damage, cancer and other health damage factors that shorten the lifespan.  UV strikes the skin that affects the nucleus of the cell, damage that results in cellular diversion.  This introduces cancer to the deep cell tissues of the body.  We’re slowly being destroyed.
           UV strikes the molecules in the atmosphere, hitting oxygen and making it aggressive.  This is called the Free Radical.  Nutrition experts admitted that many bizarre things happen to chemistry from the effects of UV due to the Free Radical.  It gets to the fruits, and the chemistry of the fruit doesn’t behave as it should, then we eat the fruit, and this chemical imbalance is absorbed and bonds to our cell structure.  Then we’re in trouble.  What’s our solution?  Don’t eat.  But we’re in trouble then, too.

            Also, there are certain microbes and disease germs that could not live in the pre-Flood atmosphere; but, they can live in an oxygen-depleted atmosphere.

            Noah lived 600 years before the Flood, and 350 years after the Flood.  Didn’t the UV shorten his lifespan?  It is suggested that the electromagnetic field at that point was still very strong, though it lost the ability to recharge itself, but the ozone was still intact.
            Therefore, the UV was not streaming in until much time passed by which eventually resulted in the deterioration of the electromagnetic field causing energy to be lost.

            God made it so that it was impossible to avoid our decrease in lifespan.  We cannot make this earth to go back to it''s pre-Flood state.  Even though sunlight is slowly killing us, we also need it to survive.
            To illustrate, from Noah to Abraham, 950 years to 175 years in 10 generations, that is a decrease of over 80% already.  Several more generations to Moses brings us to 120 years, and many more generations down to our day brings us to about 75 years of average life expectancy.

       Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) is a problem to the earth’s ozone layer.  Did you know that 1 volcanic eruption emits 1 million times more CFCs than man uses in one year?  CFCs are a problem, but the biggest threat is that the electromagnetic field is so weak now, that it can’t hold particles in suspension.
            This tells us the ozone is breaking up, the earth is becoming corrupt, with violence and imbalance in nature.

       It is observed that the exponential decay of man’s life is equal to the exponential decay of the electromagnetic field.  Is this a coincidence?  But the Bible says that the restoration of the earth will happen.  God will come back and wind everything back up again.

            With all the evidence so far, the creation model is verified and the evolution model is destroyed.

Conclusion to the Whole Matter

            You’ve heard of heaven and hell.  Is hell only a physical reality?  No.  Hell is also an academic reality.  The Creator, the Master, is the positive.  We can allow ourselves to become a negative so that we can be complete in Him.  As in life, a positive and a negative attract.  But if we reject the Creator, allowing ourselves to become our own positive, our own master, then we will have nothing to do with the Creator.  Two positives do not attract, rather they repel and this happens when a person reaches the status of accountability and knowingly or willingly rejects the Creator.  In the laws of physics, all charged particles, sooner or later, gravitate to a field of force.  We have a choice today to respond to the loving call of the True and Master Scientist, Jesus Christ (the same yesterday, today and forever).  There is another kind of force field in the universe, called a black hole.  If there is matter that has not responded to the mercy extended out by the Creator, these positive charges will end up being attracted there, where there is no chance of fellowship with the Creator, no hope of getting out, no light can get out, no particles can get out, it is in total darkness.  You’d be stuck in there forever because nothing can get out of a black hole.  The black hole is exactly like physical hell.  But for those who want to be identified and complete in Him, then you must surrender yourself to the Creator, through the merits and person of His Son, Jesus Christ, who expressed Him to us.  It’s your choice.  Thank you.

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